As an information services company specializing in Big Data, Proximo focuses its work in three key areas:

1. Data Strategy

2. Data Warehousing and Data Integration

3. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We work with both your internal data as well as information from third parties to provide actionable Intelligent Information—information that meaningfully contributes to your bottom line.

We ease your burden by providing Analytics as a Service (AaaS), using our expertise to deliver answers that can directly impact both your business strategy and operations.

Our emphasis on predictive analytics allows us to uncover not only what has happened in a given situation, but help determine what will happen in the future.

“I have worked with Proximo and its managing partners for fifteen years.  They have provided critical and quality services to a number of companies I have worked for, including analysis and strategy, data warehouse implementation, as well as, hosting and support services.  I have found them to provide very cost effective solutions and be able to work with us in a manner that meets or exceeds our requirements.”

Michael Forbes, former CIO Catalyst Health Solutions

Proximo is dedicated to continuing to support our clients in ways that allow them to do more with less .


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