Case Study: Data Governance

Client: American Society of Anesthesiologists.


Problem: Like many associations, ASA knew it was struggling to maintain and manage clean data across its many systems.  This lack of data integrity is preventing ASA from making good, reliable business decisions based on quality reports and analytics.


Solution: ASA engaged with Proximo in an effort to evaluate its data integrity and processes by which it governed data.  This strategic initiative covered a variety of subjects, including:


·       A review of the current state of data integrity;

·       A review of the current state of data governance;

·       Recommendations on what “good” data integrity looks like;

·       Recommendations on what data governance processes should be put into place;

·       Recommendations on what roles ASA needs internally to manage data integrity and these processes;

·       Recommendations on how to implement the new governance processes;

·       High level recommendations on how data would be delivered to users via reporting and analytics and the supporting architecture to do so;

·       A long-term view of the expected budget.


Proximo performed extensive reviews with key ASA staff members in order to define uses of data across the organization, with a view to how it was being maintained and what shortcoming there were.  There was a lack of standard processes, data siloes, and no over-arching methodology to data management. 


Result: Proximo designed new roles and processes for ASA to implement, alongside some new technology that would assist.  ASA not only was given a good view on what to do and how, but had a plan with timeframes and budgets on which it could execute.

David Ricciardi