Case Study: Voice of the Customer Analytics

Client: A major international auto manufacturer.

 The client wanted to utilize the massive amount of customer comments to predict sales. 

Solution: Proximo designed and built a platform that processes three major sources of consumer text: CRM, mobile surveys, and web/social data.  This data is run through Proximo’s Text+ platform, which automatically and systematically categorizes the text into relevant subject areas.  The platform also takes in the entire dealership hierarchy and every individual sales transaction to provide the client with two solutions: a dashboard that allows the C-suite to monitor the Voice of the Customer (VoC) data across data sources, cut by subject, dealer, model, and geography; and a continually updated predictive analytical model that correlates what customers say to future sales.

Result: The client has the ability to evaluate VoC data as it relates to the bottom line, providing a strategic advantage in its business.

David Ricciardi