Case Study: Customer Profile & Online Behavior Analysis

Client: The nation’s largest membership and advocacy association

Problem: The company was launching a new online product and needed to understand the user base in terms of who they were and what they were doing. 

Solution: Proximo utilized user behavior and subscription data, captured by the digital systems, and combined with external demographics data to develop profiles of people that were one-time visitors, repeat visitors, and recurring users, based on age, gender, occupation, and geography, as well as source and types of interactions.  This provided the client with detailed information on who was using the service, allowed for inferences as to why they used it, and provided insights needed to acquire the right populations of users. 

Result: The client was able to discover a lot about their user base, including the types of people that were frequent users, as well as the fact that there were not enough people with these attributes to sustain the product as it was. 

David Ricciardi