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Business Intelligence & Analytics

This is where most of our conversations with a client starts - you’ve got questions and no one’s been able to give you a good answer yet. In Corporate America these days, everyone is over-booked and over-worked. Trying to find time to dig deeper into data and solve problems can seem daunting at times.

That’s where Proximo comes in. We work with you and your data - both internal and external - to answer your most difficult questions. We use tried-and-true analytics methodologies, like regression modeling, to modern AI techniques, such as our unique and proprietary machine-learning genetic programming methods.

While we are technical data wonks at heart, we don’t give you statistical models and walk away. We excel at delivering insights: trying to turn the data into a story that makes sense and describes in plain English what is going on - with the customer, employee, product line, or whatever we’re analyzing. Sometimes it’s delivered via a dashboard, or it can be as simple as a presentation.

We can work with you on an ongoing basis to continually update and answer questions, or we can come in to deliver insights on a critical question, and your team takes it from there. We’re adept at this style of flexible engagement.


We do a lot with data. A lot.

Some of this may be what you need to answer a business question. But not all of it.

Want to talk about how this can solve your problem?

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Data Warehousing & Integration

Often we’re asked to deliver on Business Intelligence & Analytics, but when we get into it, the data needed is often fragmented, siloed, incomplete, unclean…does this sound familiar? We know the data in our companies isn’t always easily accessible. So Proximo does a lot of data integration work. This can be a one-off integration to answer a specific question or the build of a “data warehouse” that continually loads, cleans and integrates data so you always have it accessible to you.

We work with all of the major database vendors, as well as with data lakes and highly unstructured data. As a Fortune 500 company, you are almost certain to have a standard in place, which Proximo can easily work with and fit into, in a way that meets all security requirements.

Data Strategy

Your department knows it has data assets that it may not be making full use of. What to do about that? Proximo can perform a data strategy project for you. We’ll document what you have, what you’re doing with it, and what your goals are. From that, we’ll work with you and bring in experience from other companies and industries to develop a roadmap for you to follow. So rather than diving in without knowing where you’re going or what success looks like, you’ll be able to move forward confidently, knowing your expected tasks, budget, and outcomes.