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Business Intelligence & Analytics

This is where most of our conversations with a client starts - you’ve got questions and no one’s been able to give you a good answer yet. But getting good answers to questions in today’s association world can be difficult. There’s often a variety of systems - not only your AMS but systems that manage your meetings, journals, hotels, abstracts, and education data - and they’re not all integrated. Each system does have its own bank of reports, but looking at data across systems is something that is very difficult. Let’s face it - you don’t want to deal with four Excel extracts and manually merge data together to build that one report for the next board meeting.

Easily bringing the data you need together will not only save you lots of time but more importantly give you the information you need that lets you figure out if members who submit abstracts also buy your educational products more often than other members. You need data like this, in easy to use reports and dashboards, to really move the needle and make a difference at your association.

And you also need tools to help you not only see what has happened in the past but what will happen. Perhaps predictive modeling - knowing what a member is likely to do tomorrow may sound out of reach for you, but in many cases it’s not with Proximo’s tried-and-true analytics methodologies coupled with our modern, unique and proprietary AI techniques. We work with you and your data - both internal and external - to answer your most difficult questions.

While we are technical data wonks at heart, we don’t give you obtuse statistical models and walk away. We excel at delivering insights: trying to turn the data into a story that makes sense and describes in plain English what is going on - with the customer, employee, product line, or whatever we’re analyzing.


BI, AI, Visualizations, Data Governance and Cleanup, Strategy…

It’s a lot.

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Data Warehousing & Integration

Often we’re asked to deliver on Business Intelligence & Analytics, but when we get into it, the data needed is often fragmented, siloed, incomplete, unclean…does this sound familiar? We know the data in our companies isn’t always easily accessible. So Proximo does a lot of data integration work. This can be a one-off integration to answer a specific question or the build of a “data warehouse” that continually loads, cleans and integrates data so you always have it accessible to you.

We work with all of the major database vendors, as well as with data lakes and highly unstructured data. If your association has a standard technology stack, we’ll be able to easily work with it and fit into your existing environment.


“ACC has been working with Proximo since 2009. Their team is reliable, talented, and can be counted on to deliver work on-time.  They work in partnership with our development team and often come to us with ideas on how improvements can be made to work products. Their work on our data warehouse has been an important part of the success of our NCDR product line, which delivers patient outcome reports and analytics to health care providers nationally.” 

Bruce A. Carper
Vice President & CIO, Technology and Business Services Division
The American College of Cardiology

Data Strategy

So your CEO or Board is finally ready to move forward with a Business Intelligence program. Where to begin? You can just jump in with some software and see if it meets your needs. But you run the risk of choosing something that’s not right for your particular organization or staff. And eventually the CEO or board will ask if you’re done, but if you didn’t know where you were going, how do you know if you’re there?

Many of our association clients elect to begin a Business Intelligence program with a Data Strategy led by Proximo. We take you through a process of discovery, where we ask:

  • What do you have in place today?

  • What does your data look like?

  • What are your tactical and strategic goals looking out into the future?

  • What skills does the staff have?

  • What are the expectations of the staff, leaders, CEO, and board?

We work with you and bring in experience from other associations and industries to develop a roadmap for you to follow. So rather than diving in without knowing where you’re going or what success looks like, you’ll be able to move forward confidently, knowing your expected tasks, budget, and outcomes.

A Data Strategy can be holistic and span the entire organization, or it can cover a specific functional area, like membership, or focus on a specific topic, like Data Governance.