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Proximo often performs technology strategy reviews for its clients, as stand-alone projects that look at the organization at a high level or as feasibility studies prior to an implementation.  We often run these as classic “gap analysis” projects, with a focus on:

  • Defining what is in place
  • Where the organization needs to be, and
  • Planning on what needs to be done to get from here to there. 

We will appoint a manager on our end to work with a lead on the client’s end, backed up by functional experts from the client and one or more analysts from Proximo.

Our strategy can extend to all aspects of your business, in nearly any functional department and across any platform, be it desktop, web, or mobile. 

Data Warehousing & Integration

Proximo can provide systems integration services (i.e. linking two or more applications together) as well as provide custom-programming services in common programming languages and databases. We work in desktops, web, tablet, and mobile environments. We can work with you to get the information you need out to the people who need it, where they need it.

Teams & Management

Proximo believes the way our company is structured and organized is always of great benefit to our clients. We construct skilled project teams based on a client’s specific needs without a lot of overhead. We provide continuity in terms of resources and knowledge. Our clients do not retain us to retain an individual but rather to retain an organization that can meet their technology needs.

Proximo often utilizes the following types of resources on a project:

  • Engagement Manager: The Engagement Manager will be a high-level management resource with overall responsibility for the project.
  • Project Manager: The Project Manager has day-to-day management responsibilities, which include system design and implementation, writing specifications, assigning work to Developers, and quality assurance.
  • Business Analyst: Will work with the Project Manager to create business and functional requirements documentation, develop and execute test cases, and to support the Developers as needed.
  • Systems Architect: Will work with the Project Manager to create technical designs and documentation as needed to support the Developers.
  • User Interface (UI) Specialist: Often a creative designer, this role is primarily be responsibility for creating the user interface for the site or application that meets the client's requirements.  The UI will later be implemented by the Developers on the project.
  • Developer: The team will have multiple developers to support the Project Leader whose primary responsibility will be the programming.  This role includes UI programmers, database programmers, and systems integration specialists.
  • Database Administrator: Someone who works at the direction of the Project Manager to setup, manage, maintain, and performance tune the database.
Our Engagement Manager and Project Manager will work with the key client sponsors to ensure that all requirements are met and that all expectations are fulfilled.  Proximo is adept at project planning, budgeting, status reporting, and managing Project Office, to which our clients will attest.

The Project Manager is your day-to-day liaison, ensuring that status updates are reported to both client and the Engagement Manager and that tasks are assigned to and completed by the appropriate team member.

Customer Support

"Anchin, Block and Anchin LLP has been utilizing Proximo Consulting Services for over ten years.  Proximo’s personnel have designed, developed and maintained our invoice and financial reporting systems resulting in a more efficient system.  This has allowed our firm to process billing transactions faster and our management teams to make more timely decisions.  Proximo’s support services are excellent and very valuable to our firm."

David Emmer, CTO, Anchin, Block and Anchin, LLP

Proximo prides itself and providing excellent support to our customers, because helping you to do more with less is not possible unless we're there for you when you need us. Here's what Proximo does for you:

  • Dedicated Partners: Proximo founders David Ricciardi and Martin Fellner are involved in every project. They view their firm's work as a direct reflection upon themselves, so they move mountains to ensure that your job is done right.
  • Skill: We can handle practically anything you throw at us. We manage tough jobs with ease.
  • Communication Ability: We answer your questions patiently and in clear English, not technospeak.
  • Friendly Cooperation: You'll enjoy working with our partners and our staff. In out opinion, nice guys don't finish last.

Cost Management

Proximo always strives to provide the best service possible at a reasonable cost. Our goal is always to allow you to do more with less, and Proximo has structured itself to make that possible.

  • Business Sense: Our partners and project leaders have experience in many industries and a keen understanding of business. As a result, we are able to design solutions quickly.
  • Efficiency: The solutions we implement rarely start from scratch. Our product line allows us to implement what you need more quickly and inexpensively than other firms.
  • RightShoring: RightShoring combines the cost benefits of offshore development, with the superior service and systems design that Proximo is known for. If you have a project that is appropriate for offshore development, Proximo will use its team of RightShoring developers. Unlike most projects that are developed offshore, all RightShoring projects are designed and managed locally - out of our US-based offices. If your project is appropriate for RightShoring, you can expect a savings of between 20 to 40 percent.