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Proximo has extensive experience with corporate Supplier Diversity programs. Given our commitment to Supplier Diversity and our 20+ years of experience in analytics, we’ve brought to market platforms and services for Supplier Diversity that provide the best insights you can get.

Proximo runs its own Supplier Diversity program, and our spend with certified diverse-owned and operated suppliers has been over 33% for three straight years.


Supplier Diversity programs traditionally measure the “easy” numbers: suppliers over time, spend by diversity classification, spend by commodity, etc. Sound familiar? That’s not bad, but we’ve always felt it’s been limited by the data Supplier Diversity professionals can acquire and manage within the time and budgets they have.

So we stepped back and asked what do you need today that is fresh, interesting, and insightful?

You need to tell the story, through provable numbers, about how your Supplier Diversity program is impacting your company and the communities we’re all trying to support.

As the only provider in this space dedicated to analytics and insights, we’ve created Proveedor, our cloud-based platform that puts in your hands the power to make a difference in your program. We have unique methodologies and can work with you to meet your specific needs in innovative ways. We also provide analytics that aren’t just for you, but can be used for others who are stakeholders in Supplier Diversity, like Diversity & Inclusion, Public Affairs, Sales & Marketing, Government Affairs, and the C-Suite.

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Proveedor provides:

  • Supplier Portal: There are many solutions out there for a portal. Our focus is on simplicity in the supplier interface to improve collection of critical information that can be used for analytics.

  • Economic Impact: Our unique methodology provides you with the most accurate and relevant analysis you can get, and gives you the ability to innovate in a way that helps you tell your story.

  • Dashboards, Reports, Analytics: This is where we differentiate from others! Our standard dashboards are designed to be easy to use. They are extensible so you can show relevant internal data even if it’s not specifically related to diverse suppliers. Most of our engagements allow you to tap into our expertise in interpreting data free of charge.

  • Supplier Outreach: Let us call your suppliers when needed to improve response rates.

  • Data Integration & Enrichment: We don’t require you to give us data in particular formats. We take what you have the way you have it and do the work for you. We’re the data experts, after all.

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Supplier Diversity in a Box

You hear about Supplier Diversity from the media, from executives and from your customers. Businesses are creating Supplier Diversity programs and expect their suppliers to utilize diverse suppliers. Now’s the time to put your own program in place.

There is a strong business case for Supplier Diversity. A Supplier Diversity program will: 

• Give you a competitive edge.

• Comply with growing customer demands.

• Deliver a positive program ROI.

• Enhance your image.

But where do you begin?  You begin with Supplier Diversity in a Box. For more information visit

Supplier Diversity in a Box is delivered via a collaboration of three certified diverse businesses: Proximo, SourceOne Innovations, and Certify My Company.

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