Proximo is an endorsed business partner of the Hospital Council of Northern & Central California for Supplier Diversity services.  For more information, please contact us at see more of our Supplier Diversity Services, click here.  

What is AB 962?

The California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 962 that  promotes diversity by requiring licensed hospitals in California to report their supplier diversity procurement efforts with minority, women, LGBT, and veteran-owned businesses.

Who does this apply to?  

A licensed hospital in California with operating expenses of $50 million or more, or a licensed hospital with operating expenses of $25 million or more that is part of a hospital system.

How can Proximo help?

We make this simple for you using our Proveedor platform for Supplier Diversity analytics.  You provide us with a simple file of vendor data - such as all vendors you used in 2021 with vendor name, address and spend amount - and we provide you a report that breaks down the diverse spend in the format you need for the state’s reporting template.
As a services company, we’re also here to help you answer some questions you may have about these diverse categories, who is diverse and not, and how to help you grow that diverse spend number in future years.  
Proximo is your partner in not only state compliance but helping you achieve the promise of Supplier Diversity.
We love to answer questions!  have some about ab 962?  Ask us here!